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Meeting Gleanings

The organizers want to thank everyone who helped to make the workshop an interesting and inspiring meeting!


Molecular Modeling Workshop in Erlangen CCC Teilnehmer Gruppenbild 2014 The workshop Picture of all participants is available for download in higher resolution:
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Some impressions will follow soon!

Lecture Awards:

  • 1. Francesca Vitalini (Berlin)
    Speed of Force Fields: Kinetic Comparison of Force Fields in Biological Systems
  • 2. Christian Wick (Erlangen)
    Self-Consistent Field convergence for Proteins: A Comparison of Full and Localized-Molecular-Orbital Schemes
  • 3. Birgit Waldner (Innsbruck)
    Explaining protein-protein interfaces in protease recognition with local dynamics and local interactin potentials

Poster Awards:

  • P08, Session II - Achim Sandmann (Erlangen)
    Do we need to analyze µs MD simulations differently?
  • P05, Session I - Thilo Bauer (Erlangen)
    Modeling Charge Transport in SAM-FETs with Quantum Monte Carlo



Workshop Announcement


The 28th Molecular Modeling Workshop 2014 (March, 17th - 19th) in Erlangen provides research students and new postdoctoral scientists the perfect opportunity to present their research to the molecular modeling community. Scientists at the beginning of their academic careers are able to meet new colleagues in academia and industry.

Every year, the organisers welcome both poster or lecture contributions in English or German from all areas of molecular modeling including life sciences, physical sciences, material sciences and the nano sciences.

The aim of the Modeling Workshop is to introduce research in progress. The workshop is the perfect venue to introduce new methods in molecular modeling that can be applied to many disciplines. The workshop is suitable for everyone, those who want to gain experience in presentation skills and those who just want to network in a friendly relaxed environment.


Get the MMWS2014 Poster in larger resolution: TIFF (~ 3.7 MB ).


The workshop book of abstracts is available for download:
Book of abstracts (~9 MB, PDF)


Please see the "Circular" for more information!


Plenary lectures

We are pleased to announce the following confirmed plenary speakers (in alphabetical order):

John Chodera, PhD Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York / USA
Dr. Christofer Tautermann Boehringer-Ingelheim, Biberach / Germany